Tuesday, September 02, 2008

it's finally complete! today marks the birth of the jan-ai scholarship website. thank you to all those who put such hard work into the site - it's lovely. from this day forth please go to www.jan-aischolar.org for further information. if you feel you can, please donate to help jennsee's legacy continue to aid and inspire young artists of all ages.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

dear fellow traveler,

i know it has been more than a little remiss of me to leave you hanging for so long. but bad news has a way of seeping through your veins until you are little more than a vegetable. we lost jenn see on June 22nd to a heart condition. her passing was sudden and leaves little room for anything but sadness and joy at having been her friend. a scholarship for struggling artists/writers/photographers is being set up in her name. please follow you fish for more details.

as of yet, i don't know what will become of the tourist.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bonnaroo-er in a Bonnaroo t-shirt.

outside The What Stage area.

oldben outside The What Stage area.

in the shade of a tree.

heading into The What Stage.

spacegirl outside The What Stage area. photo by oldben.

spacegirl by the ATMs near The What Stage.

Bonnaroo-ers & a stenciled wall outside The What Stage area.

sitting outside The What Stage area.

hula-hoops outside The What Stage area.

under the Bonnaroo fountain.

girl in the fountain.

watching the world go by from the grass, near The Other Tent.

asleep on the grass.

oldben asleep on the grass.

self-portrait while half-dozing on the grass.

three girls & a guy doing yoga near a golf cart.

this man could not do yoga.

crowd scene in front of The Other Tent.

the cavalry near the teepee.

the cactus of empty cans.

the cactus of cans & the Big Green Bus.

security at the main gate.

one of our Bonnaroo-ers offers guidance on pushing a car out of a ditch.

a crappy photo of an amazing hat.

Pod # 9.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bonnaroo Volume One: the road to Tennessee.

our pair of Bonnaroo tickets.

ready for Bonnaroo in Staten Island.

stocking the Platypus Bar before departure, Staten Island.

how many Bonnaroo-ers does it take to change a tire at dawn?

sunrise, headlights, flare in the Shenandoah Valley, I-81 S,
blurry because i was shaking with cold & delirium.

Virginia State Trooper Perry after helping us change the tire on the Silverado.

free air in Virginia.

moon over Virginia in the morning.

morning at a gas station in Virginia.

Waffle House for breakfast!

Waffle House breakfast 2.

after breakfast in Virginia.

cigarettes & shadows outside the Waffle House, somewhere in Virginia.

house with headstones & white picket fence, Salem, VA.

outside the Goodyear/Gemini in Salem, Virginia, getting a new tire for the Silverado.

tires, trains, trucks, & piles of dirt, outside the Goodyear in VA.

checking the Bonnaroo site from the interstate.

red hat in the Silverado.

rest stop on the Tennessee Lake/River.

rest stop: ice cream!

it doesn't count as an open container if the car is at rest...

rest stop hats.

rest stop: hey oldben, where's your hat?