Sunday, January 29, 2006

self-portrait in rearview mirror, NJ Turnpike.

Mount Holly, NJ, en route to the Fire & Ice Festival.

sitting on the curb, High Street, Mount Holly.

Mount Holly Fire House.

confused crocuses, Mount Holly, NJ.

popcorn man, Mount Holly.

firefighter gear on curb, Mount Holly.

melting ice sculpture, High Street, Mount Holly.

melting ice woman, Mt. Holly.

ice woman 2.

ice woman 3.

reflections & glass, window display, Mt. Holly.

money monkey, window display, Mt. Holly.

penguin with girl, Mt. Holly.

moving ice sculptures, Fire & Ice Festival, Mt. Holly, NJ.

moving ice sculptures 2.

kids on curb, Mt. Holly.

penguin & dog, Mt. Holly.

balloon seller, Mt. Holly.

balloon seller 2.

woman on corner, Mt. Holly.

abandoned stop sign, Mt. Holly.

ice scupture by curb, Mt. Holly.

melting ice figure, Mt. Holly.

melting ice figure 2.

stream, Mt. Holly.

Chinese dog in ice, Fire & Ice Festival, Mt. Holly, NJ.

melting Chinese dog, Mt. Holly.

girl viewing ice sculptures, Mt. Holly.

girl on wall, Mt. Holly.

colonial re-enactors, Mt. Holly.

colonial re-enactor 2, Mt. Holly.

colonial re-enactor, Mt. Holly.

ice structure, Fire & Ice Festival, Mount Holly, NJ.

ice structure 2.

ice structure 3.

ice gargoyle, Mt. Holly.

ice, Mt. Holly.

ice gargoyle 2.

ice 3.

ice 2.

man with iguana, Mt. Holly.

spiderweb in window, Mt. Holly.

garden house, Mt. Holly.

seashells & ivy, Mt. Holly.

plates along path, Mt. Holly.
photo by oldben.

man in a hat, Mt. Holly.

man in a hat 2.

building, Mt. Holly.

basset hounds, Mt. Holly.