Monday, April 03, 2006

on the road:
Staten Island to DC & back.

arm-wrestling arcade game, a rest stop in Maryland.

arcade game arm, a rest stop in Maryland.

trees & benches, a rest stop in Maryland.

crow atop a church, DC.

construction with clouds, DC.

red tulip, DC.

tulips, DC.

trees in garden, DC.

Metro track, DC.

the Eastern Market Metro station, DC.

turrets, DC.

Smithsonian under renovation, DC.

brewery seal in sidewalk, DC.

oldben outside the brewery, DC.

spy museum, DC.

sculpture, the Embassy Suites, DC.

fountain, the Embassy Suites, DC.

Murakami-esque alleyways, off I Street, DC.

the wind-up bird, above the guest room where we stayed, DC.

Catsy, aka Noburu Wataya, on the deck, DC.

Noburu Wataya 2, DC.

Noburu Wataya 3, DC.

wall with graffiti, I Street, DC.

"RIP Uncle Steve", I Street, DC.

view from I-95 N, somewhere between DC & Baltimore.

carrier along I-95, outside Baltimore, MD.

Dino, a Maryland House rest stop on I-95.

bridge, seen from 95 N, Maryland.

bridges, Maryland.

Fenwick Rest Stop, NJ Turnpike.

home again: the Staten Island dump, as seen from 440 N.

almost home: waiting in the car at the 7-11, Staten Island.

hanging from the rearview mirror, outside 7-11, Staten Island.