Monday, May 02, 2005

scares me, Turnpike South, NJ.

it's so cool that we figured out how to fly.

Ben Franklin Bridge.

i love Philadelphia, & Philadelphia loves me.

look up.

Chinatown gate.

Arbor Day was friday,, yay trees.

street scene.


gate to the tombs, 5th Street.

Independence Mall Visitor's Center

monument to religious freedom, 5th Street.

reflection 1.

reflection 2.

reflection 3.



interesting fact about me: i have astrological issues.

girl in blue.


the scene of the Equality Forum (looking west down Market Street)

lines everywhere.

keeper of bicycles, Market Street, Philadelphia

liberty sailing club, er, sailing.

contrast, the Delaware river.



the tugboat Jupiter.

woman & the Delaware.

sauvignon blanc, 3rd & Chestnut, Philadelphia.

hmmm. suffer the little children? why is that girl missing fingers?

the holy part of the ghetto.

cornered by a Wild Mitch in its natural habitat.

Happy Anarchy, the Barbary, Philadelphia

warming the acoustic.

ominous, no?

a rainbowy kinda day.

the light was very strange.

the ghost of horn section present.

shadow of someone with a guitar.

don't look down.

find the blurry 8 ball.

& i sound my barbaric yawp...

i never drink this stuff. it's obviously radioactive.

joe loves feedback, & feedback loves joe. awwwwwww.

bill shooting.


feel the love.


ethereal bartender.