Friday, December 02, 2005

seagulls, Atlantic City.

shell, Atlantic City.

seagull taking flight, Atlantic City.

southwest view, Atlantic City.

seagull, Atlantic City.

ATV, Atlantic City.

seagull on pilings, Atlantic City.

rising tide, Atlantic City.

view of boardwalk from beach, Atlantic City.

water patterns in sand, Atlantic City.

soggy bale of hay in tide, Atlantic City.

wave patterns, Atlantic City.

waves crashing on old pilings, Atlantic City.

old pier pilings, Atlantic City.

walking on the beach, Atlantic City.

sandbar, Atlantic City.

rising tide, Atlantic City.

Million Dollar Pier, Atlantic City.

footprints in sand, Atlantic City.

my shadow, the pier, & oldben, Atlantic City.

Convention Hall, Atlantic City.

seagull tracks, Atlantic City.

seagull tracks 2, Atlantic City.

pier & seagulls, Atlantic City.

seagull with peach, Atlantic City.

seagull with peach 2, Atlantic City.

buildings, Atlantic City boardwalk.

mural detail, Atlantic City boardwalk.

mural, Atlantic City boardwalk.

woman painted on door, Atlantic City boardwalk.
i have set jennsee a challenge. she has one week to complete this challenge. the results shall be posted on the tourist (or maybe the fish - her choice) by friday, Dec. 9th. it is likely, that she will receive another challenge on that day. here is the challenge:

1)Go out into the city you live in.
2)Take a least one (new) picture that characterizes what you hate/loathe most about where you live, or about living where you live. You know, what gets to you most about your city.
3) Take at least one (new) picture that represents something good in your life, or something good that has happened to you. You know, a good moment in your life.
4)Significant others, pets and inside your own house are all off limits.
5)Be creative and have fun. I guess you can be metaphorical if that floats your boat or bakes your cookie. Remember the "at least" rule means you can present more than one of each, but I want super-extra-specials if possible.

Bonus: If you can do both 2 and 3 with one picture, more power to you.

Good Luck.