Tuesday, June 07, 2005

DC: our alien traveling companions.

DC: rain at high speeds.

roses in the rest room, Maryland.

every time we drive to DC it rains.

DC: the Wind-Up Bird alleys, first night in town.

DC: white wine.

DC: i had to wonder how long this has been there.

DC: i hope these people are good neighbors.

DC: Catsy just sort of found us.

DC: Noburu Wataya, otherwise known as Catsy from Prague.

DC: oldben as supervillain.

DC: man moving dirt through back alleys.

DC: i don't know how they got this truck back there, off I Street.

DC: Noburu Wataya.

DC: colors in the back alleys.

DC: back alley dog.

DC: rosebush 1.

DC: rosebush 2.

DC: a more derelict part of town.

DC: CNN headquarters; or, if only i had a pie.

DC: temperamental weather.

DC: rose-seller with traffic, 3rd Street.

DC: strangely distorted skyline.

DC: ominous parking garage, Vienna, VA.

DC: interior, Mexican restaurant, Vienna, VA.

DC: Georgetown buildings, M Street.