Thursday, September 01, 2005

LIFE & DEATH ON A BEACH: A Summer's Tale

the theme song to this film is "Summertime", by the inimitable Mr. Gershwin -- whichever version of it you like best.
alternative soundtrack: Euphoria's "Delirium".

opening credits.

setting the scene.

seagulls attack.

"i'll get them!"

"damn, it escaped. "


"a jellyfish."

"i'll investigate."

poke poke, poke poke.

"let me see."

"aw, you killed it."

the end.

all photos scanned in, from sometime during the summer of 2001, i think. note the improvement in photography skills since then! note the occasional burn mark! see the amazing overexposed jellyfish! see jenn see as a red head! why does mysfit so love slanting photos? & who is that mysterious third party?