Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the Shady Awkward Tour, Episode 3: South Street

view of Staten Island from the West Shore Expressway.

mannequin in red dress, S 4th Street, Philadelphia.

mannequin in red dress 2, S 4th Street, Philadelphia.

display window, South Street.

display window 2, South Street.

figure in window display, South Street.

South Street Loves Peoples, Philadelphia.

fig newtons, Philadeli, South Street.

postcards, Philadeli, South Street.

sunflowers, South Street Florist.

anemones, South Street Florist.

South Street Souvlaki, Philadelphia.

mannequin in blue corset, South Street.

mannequin in blue corset 2, South Street.

anarchist ukelele, South & 5th Streets, Philadelphia.

anarchist ukelele 2, South Street, Philadelphia.

anarchist ukelele 3, South Street, Philadelphia.

fortune cookie, the Bean Cafe, South Street.

mural, South Street.

the Superspecs at the Pontiac Grille.

HAPPY ANARCHY at the Pontiac Grille.

South & 3rd Streets, Philadelphia, 10 September 2005.