Monday, November 28, 2005

it's elaine! here in rainy (yes, rainy!) st. aug. florida... hi jenn!!
Here's a picture I took inside 'Crazy Trucker Joe's' house in White Springs, FL (long story)... I went with my friend Madelyn (who is a photojournalist), and 'Joe took us on a tour of his ...interesting... house. He had two pianos and an organ...well, now he has just the pianos...
An awesome view from the top of the ferris wheel at the St. Johns County Fair (Nov. 18th)

lights in tree, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

book bindings, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

portrait in ladies room, Williamsburg.

painted bird, ladies room, Williamsburg.

self portrait in mirror with fuzzy hat, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.