Friday, September 09, 2005

soaped window 1, North Star Cafe, New Brunswick, NJ.

soaped window 2, North Star Cafe, New Brunswick, NJ.

turtle, Bernardsville, NJ.

the Thirsty Turtle, Bernardsville, NJ.

courtyard, Basking Ridge, NJ.

fountain 1, Basking Ridge, NJ.

fountain 2, Basking Ridge, NJ.

fountain 3, Basking Ridge, NJ.

fountain 4, Basking Ridge, NJ.

chessmen, Staten Island.

popemobile? grocery store lot, Staten Island.
(i normally avoid photos of people's license plates but i couldn't resist.)

late night groceries, Staten Island.

lamp, window display, North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

view from Turnpike, round Exit 12, NJ.
it is both silly to take photos while driving & illegal, i think, to take this photo of the refinery.
so don't tell anyone.