Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bonnaroo Volume One: the road to Tennessee.

our pair of Bonnaroo tickets.

ready for Bonnaroo in Staten Island.

stocking the Platypus Bar before departure, Staten Island.

how many Bonnaroo-ers does it take to change a tire at dawn?

sunrise, headlights, flare in the Shenandoah Valley, I-81 S,
blurry because i was shaking with cold & delirium.

Virginia State Trooper Perry after helping us change the tire on the Silverado.

free air in Virginia.

moon over Virginia in the morning.

morning at a gas station in Virginia.

Waffle House for breakfast!

Waffle House breakfast 2.

after breakfast in Virginia.

cigarettes & shadows outside the Waffle House, somewhere in Virginia.

house with headstones & white picket fence, Salem, VA.

outside the Goodyear/Gemini in Salem, Virginia, getting a new tire for the Silverado.

tires, trains, trucks, & piles of dirt, outside the Goodyear in VA.

checking the Bonnaroo site from the interstate.

red hat in the Silverado.

rest stop on the Tennessee Lake/River.

rest stop: ice cream!

it doesn't count as an open container if the car is at rest...

rest stop hats.

rest stop: hey oldben, where's your hat?

"road trip" at the rest stop...

rest stop contemplation.

rest stop...

shoes & a hat @ the rest stop.

rest stop group shot (photo by oldben).

wearing my red hat @ the rest stop.

rest stop (that's the Tennessee River in the background).

rest stop.

rest stop.

on I-24 in Tennessee.

pushing a car to Bonnaroo, the last rest stop before Manchester.

determined to make it to Bonnaroo if they have to walk the rest of the way...

Tennessee fields.

self-portrait in the Silverado, TN.

Tennessee satellite dish.

we arrive...er, what do we do now?

arriving at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.

"Look!" it's Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo is just outside the window...