Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bonnaroo-ers & a stenciled wall outside The What Stage area.


Blogger Christopher Steven b. stared and said...

forgive my manifestation of my guyness, but for me there is something very attractive about a woman who is not holding her posture in the traditional tribal unconscious malesarearound pose. it reminds me of what i did notice once at a poolhall.
so i share this only scarcely relevant piece written on that day:

A great glass wall separates us from
another massive room in which i spot
two or three lasses at the bar
blowing smoke rings at each other
and taking vogue poses with
their lit zigarettas.

i peek from a distance through the glass
at one in particular who
slouches upon a stool.
The way in which
her posture emphasizes her liquid form
like pouring o'er in places,
suggests there is not a male around
to poison her free dance. she wears not that mask
at all on this afternoon

3:54 PM  
Blogger mysfit stared and said...

lovely christopher, thanks for sharing

12:16 PM  

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