Monday, July 11, 2005

lost in East Orange, NJ.

BP station & church, East Orange, NJ.

go forth, East Orange, NJ.

underpass, East Orange, NJ.

still lost in East Orange, NJ.

& lo...

the storm...



& we...

with it...

milepost 252, 80 West: a place of much traffic.

rock face along 80 West, PA.

parking lot drama:
"is this a milkshake i see before me, its straw turn'd towards my hand?"

HA meets midwest McDonald's.

oldben, McDonald's parking lot.

Live 8 rebroadcast on MTV, Days Inn, Clearfield, PA.

still life with Roger Waters, Days Inn, Grampian, PA.

Pink Floyd at Live 8.

weird, weird David Gilmour. he looks like a supervillain.

Days Inn, Clearfield, PA.

mustering the troops, Days Inn, Clearfield, PA.

outside room 111, Days Inn, Clearfield, PA.

welcome to the Wildwood Inn, somewhere "along Rt. 879", Grampian, PA.

"to your right you can see a Happy Anarchy in its natural habitat..."

unused marquee, Grampian, PA.

self-portrait with Happy, Wildwood Inn, Grampian, PA.

Grampian daisies, PA.

load-in, Wildwood Inn, Grampian, PA.

roadside marquee, Grampian, PA.

preperformance chaos.

a different sort of preperformance chaos.

high score, Wildwood Inn, Grampian, PA.


bit of the audience, Wildwood Inn, Grampian, PA.

Happy Anarchy at the Wildwood Inn, Grampian, PA, 9 July 2005.