Friday, June 24, 2005

glass masks, Cape May, NJ, April 2004.

fresh corn begging for a bbq, Waldbaum's grocery store, Staten Island.

don't eat the mushrooms, Waldbaum's grocery store, Staten Island.

sunset on Silver Lake, Staten Island.
because the space appealed to me, i thought i'd post some photos from last August, the first time HA played galapagos. these were all shot with my weird old digicam, the one that came free with a PC & had controls akin to those of a digital watch. no screen, viewfinder only, so of course the framing was never right, & it did bizarre things to light. it was quite fun, like found art. never knew what was going to come out.

galapagos 2004: graffiti.

galapogos 2004: seated figure.

galapagos 2004: reflecting pool

galapagos 2004: Happy Anarchy

galapagos 2004: sculpture over reflecting pool.